Adventure Group – Campsite Development
A core group of around ten adventure club members participated in the further development of the middle dam camping area. The objective is to build a covered BBQ area in the main camping area for future use of all members and their guest.
Splashing good time… loving the mud ? –
Motorcross was not originally on the list of activities for Googa Creek Adventure Park however some members expressed an interest and have since proven it is a viable activity. So with a little effort we were able to carve in a few tracks that provided some challanging terrain. The mud and water in and around the dam proved a big hit with Adam getting his new bike and boots filthy (well done), hope the Mrs didn’t kill him when he got home.
Roof for Rain, Hale or Shine
All hands were on deck to dig the post holes and set the post for the BBQ roof, which should ensure the food continues to cook even in the rain. My thanks go out to Shane and Simon for the hard yakka digging the post holes, to Jason for cutting some useful sized post, to Hayley for mixing the postcrete, to Mick for making sure all is straight and the right distance apart and to Warratah for being general hand.
Do Drop Inn – Bush, Bar & Grill !
Over the coming months we will be developing the family cabin into a entertainment area for member use as a central meeting place for some, warmth, food and fun. This month will see the initial introduction of a pool and darts room in the rear of the cabin, available free of charge to members. Other general upgrades will also be carried out with the view to becoming registered for food preperation, in line with our broader business plan.
Burger$, Beer$ & Breakfast….
The long term objective is to be able to supply food and drinks to members as an income generator for the park. Members will not only benefit from the direct facility but also from improvements to the park as profits are injected back into infrastructure. So when you visit Googa Creek we say whatever you do ….”Do Drop Inn”.
Thanks to those who assisted with the building of timber forts on the first deidcated paintball field set aside for exclusive use in skirmish games. There is no doubt a long way to go but we will continue to transport materials to the park and gradually develop the playing field one fort at a time. As you can see though there is plenty of bushland and natural landscape to hide from opposing players.

Work commenced on the BBQ area and campsite with the slab and stage one of the brickwork being laid. It was a family affair with the kids chipping in where they could. The finished product was OK considering we had never attempted anything like this before. In fact I cant wait until a bricklayer joins the club as it is tough work when you not used to it. In the coming months we will add a roof and a second stage to include gas facilities also.