Secure your slice of Bush Heaven from just $1100 per year…
As we hold a private free-hold lease of 40 hectares on the great dividing range near Blackbutt (QLD) we are in the position to offer subscribing members the opportunity to nominate a private non-formal sub-lease on exclusive camping sites for their enjoyment.


  1. Right to build, locate permanent / semi permanent dwellings to establish the level of comfort you require when you visit.
  2. Exclusive rights to attend nominated section of property at any time as a GOLD SUB LEASE MEMBER.
  3. Up to one acre of nominated area as agreed with Overcorp at the time of subscription.
  4. Up to ten members can form a core group as part of this sublease.
  5. Members may fence their subscribed area with prior approval.
  6. Access to nominated camp area via agreed entry and subsequent roads.
  7. In the event of multiple bookings of non-associated members, Gold members will receive priority access to the property.
  8. At the expiration of the subscription period, the subscribed area should be cleared of any fencing, dwellings and materials by the outgoing members unless otherwise agreed with Overcorp.