Corp Leaders

Private Groups and Events
For each private group there needs to be a Corp Leader nominated who has the respect of the other members of their group. This person is responsible to liase with Overcorp in the organisation of events and bookings, collection of monies, signing of Indemnity Forms and waivers from their group members, providing photocopies of licences etc prior to the group entering the property.

In the event that catering is requested Corp Leaders will liase with their corp members to determine catering numbers, menu preferences etc. Each event will have some form of organisation including time tables for planned activities, eating times and socialising parameters.
Hence the Corp Leader is the individual who is the first point of contact relating to on site behaviour, incidents, accidents or emergencies for both Overcorp management and staff and also for their corp members.
There are opportunities for corp members who are motivated to help or motivate others, or who are simply passionate about a particular activity and feel that they can contribute to the success of the network. The potential of the Googa Creek property is endless and is dependent on the efforts and co-operation of all corp members who participate.