Q & A

Why was Overcorp established in the first place?
As a twenty year old Rick Overton became frustrated when representing a number of companies in various sales positions and decided it was better to build relationships with people under his own banner so if the product or service he promoted was not suitable for that particular person or business he could still retain the rapport established in the future.
Why would I want to be part of the Overcorp Group?
We believe we have a unique system whereby the diversity of members is what creates our competitive advantage. We are able to gather feedback and knowledge from an extensive member base ranging from consumers, business owners and managers and everyday employees from a range of industry bases.
How do I know if the Overcorp service can benefit me?
Overcorp does not enter into agreement with any clients unless we believe we are able to assist, so we provide a questionaire for you to complete prior to any money changing hands.
How much does the service cost?
Various services have different cost structures. Some sevices such as a standard directory listing may be free whilst higher level or corporate consultancy services can be up to $500 per hour. Generally cost are customised to each individual client and their project.

What is the purpose of the Googa Creek property?
There are two purposes of providing access to our private property / regional office. First, it is an actual opportunity to meet some of the subscribers and the events our team has enjoyed over the past several years. Secondly it provides a n opportunity for new clients and consultants to identify their preference of activities outside of work and business life which provides us with an insight into their personality type and future goals.
When will Googa Creek be open for events and activities?
We are undertaking a feasibility period over the next twelve months and aim to have our first commercially viable events at Googa Creek in by the end of 2015.  To express your interest in a private visit and to contribute your feedback to the project drop us a line via info@overcorp.com.au
How do I get involved in the Overcorp Group?
The first step is to be invited into the group by an existing member, if you do not know an existing member you may fill out and FAX in the form available on the site or send an email to tell us more about yourself and a member will contact you for an interview.