Human Resources

You may have heard the saying that “Your people are your Business”, or something to this effect. You may also be aware of a perceived skills shortage throughout the globe, as many firms are searching internationally for appointment of higher positions. We currently have a skills shortage here in Australia also.
Our HR Services are primarily focused around getting the best from your staff as defined by you, your staff and your customers. We can construct a HR Analysis of your business and assist you to better manage your business by putting systems and strategies in place to maximise profit and customer outcomes.
Job Analysis
Job Descriptions
Performance Reviews
Satisfaction Surveys
Position Placement
Job Advertising
Candidate Screening
Job Interviews
Traineeships / Apprenticeships
Employer Consulting with Unions
Industrial Relations
Contracts – AWA’s
from $990.00 per project incl GST


FOR MORE INFORMATION via email or contact RICK OVERTON direct on 0402 998 961 to discuss your situation and potential requirements, we can assist with both business or personal services as we find the two domains are inextricably linked.