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Whether you are a small business just getting started and you need to drum up a few customers to get you going or if you are a much larger organisation that has developed a new product that needs to penetrate the market and establish a new brand, Overcorp can most likely assist.

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We see sales as a result of the marketing function operating successfully. Hence your level of sales is an indicator of other factors within your overall business. Thus, if sales are lower than you expected then the overall marketing mix should be re-examined.
The four primary elements of any business are


We may assist you to examine these areas using a number of different management tools such as the S.W.O.T analysis to take a closer look at your organisations


base consultancy from $990.00 per project incl. GST
FOR MORE INFORMATION contact RICK OVERTON via email or direct on his mobile on 0402 998 961 to discuss your situation and potential requirements, we can assist with both business or personal services as we find the two domains are inextricably linked.