Mr Ricky C Overton
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Rick graduated from Bribie Island State high school in 1994 before moving to Brisbane in pursuit of a professional rugby league career with the fledgling NRL team, the South East Queensland Crushers.

As an extension of his sporting achievements and given his tertiary aspirations he was offered employment with a government department in the field of corrections.  Hence from the young age of eighteen he was introduced to the life inside state detention as a recreational officer at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre in Wacol, Queensland. The following year the federal government changed hands and his position was made redundant so he made the decison to pursue his earlier affection for economics and entered the world of marketing and management.
At just thirty eight years of age Rick has invested almost two decades active as a proprietor of multiple businesses researching various aspects of sales and marketing, spending the last ten years focused on the wider retail sector, fresh food and micro-distribution systems.

Rick is completing his final year of a bachelor degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University where ha has most recently majored in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. Rick is also a current member of the Australian Institute of Management.

Tertiary Qualifications:
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management Project Management
Franchise Structure and Management
Management Projects 1 & 2 – Franchising
Management Strategy & Decision Making
HR Training & Development
Principles of Management
Human Resource Management
Organisations Structures & Design
Organisational Psychology
Interpersonal Skills

Criminology & Criminal Justice – Corrections Major                                   Police, Courts and Crime
Ethics & Accountability in CJS
Crime, Shame and Re-integration Criminological Theories
Correctional Policies
Changing Criminal Behaviours
Social Justice and Human Services
Human Behaviour
Sociological Thought
Crime and Justice
Reserach Methods in CJS
Policies & Structure in CJS
Law & Government

Rick subscribes to the values of the Australian Institute of Management and will not undertake any work with or on behalf of any individual or client unless he has reasonable grounds to believe he can assist them to achieve their financial, business or personal.

Finally, there are a collective of individual business managers, consultants and employees who are available to you as part of our interactive networking process. The Overcorp business system is made up of a variety of small business enterprises from which we receive various experience and market feedback. All members of the system are invited to participate in part of the internal and external referral service.

Rick invites you to contact him directly on mobile anytime on 0402 998 961 or via email to further discuss your requirements and assist to determine if our network and consultancy services may be of assistance to you.