Welcome to the website of Overcorp International, we are an Australian based services solutions group with the primary objective to assist our partners and clients to successfully operate and survive in their chosen business or industry.

In todays competitive world, survival may be the most fundamental goal of any business. Beyond this the desire to be profitable and then comes the opportunity to expand and grow. Often business owners and managers are run off their feet maintaining their day to day operations and rarely have the time to “see the wood for the trees”.

The Overcorp business networking and consulting services can assist by providing a “MIRROR” like consulting service enabling operators to better see their business from the outside looking in. This gives the owner/manager the opportunity to refresh their view of the business and their role within it to continue to move the business forward in an ever changing environment.

Overcorp consultants will generally adopt a wholistic approach when appraising clients marketing and management functions, however we can also focus on specific elements of importance as nominated by you. We seek to be an option for you at all times of your active life with our network and aim to build trust and reliability from day one and throughout many years in the future, with some clients,  associates and alliance partners active with us for over a decade.

In many regards our consulting service is like going to your local doctor, we are like a GP of small to medium enterprises whereby we can provide a general check up, or focus on treating a particular ailment and where necesary prescribe some approprate treatment or medication and when necessary refer to on to a specialist for further treatment or diagnosis.

As the owner/manger of this business I do appreciate your time and invite you to peruse through the rest of our site, it will help you to determine if there is anything of interest to you, your business or even your family.

I look forward to being of service to you in the future and am confident our network of small and medium enterprises and consultants can assist you to take control of your working life so that clients can drive their business and life in their own direction towards success, happiness or contentment in the future.

Kind regards,
Ricky C Overton AIMM                                                                                            Proprietor