ONLY 100 Memberships to GOOGA CREEK available…..2015

Benefits of Subscription to Overcorp (Personal Development Network)

  1.  Exclusive private access to GOOGA CREEK property.
  2. Individual or group camping or cabin accommodation.
  3. Portable toilets & basic shower facilities available.
  4. Tracks for 4WD and Moto endurance to explore property.
  5. Archery Equipment (LEFT & RIGHT HAND Available).
  6. Paintball games amongst private groups with own equipment
  7. Target shooting for licensed gun holders.
  8. Complementary games room in main cabin during scheuled events (Pool Table and Darts Board).
  9. Catering services can be made available @ hourly rate on request.  (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  10. B.Y.O drinks, food & snacks.
  11. Opportunity to non-formal sub-lease  of up to an acre to build your own camping area and accommodation.
  12. Right to introduce new members into your group.
  13. Access to any products and discounts negotiated on behalf of our member base.